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Faith Safe

Security Program for Faith Based Organizations


Program Description: This Security and Training Program has been specifically designed for Faith Based Organizations by Security and Self Protection Professionals to address the risks of violence that these organizations face. This process takes organizations through assessment, planning, training, exercises and evaluation to create and implement a comprehensive security program that can be scaled to any size or business model. 


Training available: On-site at your facility, Virtual Facilitated and LMS Online Version for Module 1 (Learning Management System)

Security Training Program for Faith-Based Organizations


Risk, Threat and Crisis Management




This comprehensive security and training program was specifically designed by RTC

Solutions for Faith-Based Organizations. Our approach is the model and best practice used

and recommended by government agencies to protect their organizations, assets and

teams. The five main components are: Assessment, Planning, Training, Exercise and

Evaluation. This implements a methodical and measurable continuous improvement process.

We walk you through the entire process at your facility with your input and interaction.


Our Model


Risk Management: Identification, Preventative Measures and Fortification Tactics

Threat Management: De-escalation, Hands-on Tactics and Weapon Threat Management

Crisis Management: Mitigation, Negotiation and Escape Strategies


The Preparedness Cycle


Assessment: Facilities, Plans and Teams

Planning: Emergency Action Plans, Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines

Training: Increasing Knowledge and Proficiency of Teams, Tools and Skill Building

Exercise: Discussion-based and Functional-based Scenario Training

Evaluation: Measurable Objectives, After Action Reports and Continuous Improvement Plan


Objectives and Goals


Operational Coordination

Operational Communication

Information Security

Operational Security

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